August 31, 2009

What Makes VA FINANCING a Great Choice in Today's Market?

With an ample supply of creative financing programs available to anyone with a pulse during the real estate "bubble", VA home loans weren't unique so they lost their appeal. Well ... financing has changed big time and that's no longer the case. So what makes VA home loans popular these days? Could it be the 100% financing, low interest rates and reduced closing costs? Absolutely!

With that said ... VA financing is different. It would be a mistake to think that every real estate agent and mortgage professional has experience with them and prepared to give you the best advice. So before you put a team together to help you buy your next home, join us for this FREE VA Financing Workshop where you will learn:

  • What is the difference between VA and Cal Vet home loans

  • How do I determine my eligibility for a VA loan

  • Can I get a VA loan if I've had one before

  • What is the maximum VA loan limit for our region

  • How does the VA Funding Fee work

  • What are the closing costs and who pays for them

  • Is mortgage insurance required

  • How do VA interest rates compare to Conventional or FHA
  • How do sellers view buyers with VA financing

  • The buying process from START to FINISH

You will walk away from this workshop empowered by the knowledge and ready to make your home buying plans a success. Please register below for the next class. Seating is limited so all parties attending need to register separately. Only veterans are eligible for VA financing.

Date: Contact us for the next workshop
Time: 6:30 t0 8:00 pm (registration starts at 6:15 pm)
Location:3550 Watt Ave, Rm 140, Sacramento CA 95821


CoachingByPeter said...

Many may not perceived it but it is actually the best time to purchase a new home because of the advantages it offers such as lower price, lower interest rates, tax savings, more choices etc. So instead of wasting money in renting a place, buying something that can be an equity is far more better option.